UPI International Days 2011

01 to 03 December 2011 with the theme “Learn other cultures; taste food from various countries; enjoy traditional music and dance; table tennis completion and friendly futsal match; and feel fresh air through outbound program.”  These programs were organized and opened by Prof. Dr. H. Dadang Sunendar, M. Hum, Vice Chancellor for UPI Student Affairs and Partnerships and were attended by all UPI international students.


by Dr. Sri Harto, Head of UPI (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia) International Education and Relations Office,  informed us that “UPI International Days 2011 consists of a series of activities starting from 01 to 03 Dec. 2011. Seminars and talk shows, Exhibitions and Workshops held on Thursday 01 December, 2011 at UPI Culture House, Sports Day will be held at Gymnasium of UPI on Friday 02 December. 2011 and the last day is Outdoor Program that will be served on Saturday 03 December 2011 at Outbound Area in Lembang.”

Day 1 (1 Dec. 2011): Seminar, Talk Show and Exhibitions

12 presenters from different countries happily sat straight on the stage to proudly present their countries regarding to location, history of their country, culture, food, traditional dance/music including popular sports. They are Rahim from Iran, Ryo Araki from Japan, Shaturaev Jakhongir from Uzbekistan, Ly Rathana from Cambodia, Heisi Mahase Bernard from Lesotho, Africa, Mioa Jundai from China, Bridget Nakiwala from Uganda, Esther Alexandra Fuapla from Papua New Guinea, Nurul Affik Nazril from Malaysia,  Jaewon Son from South Korea, Suphanuth Nira from Thailand, and another presenters from Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.


     Presenters from left to right: Rahim MirShaxiy Iran, Rio Araki Japan,  Jakhongir Shaturaev Uzbekistan and Dr.Sri Harto


National Anthem of Uzbekistan


Certificate of Presentation


Uzbek National Food “Palov” or “Osh”

Day 2 (2 Dec. 2011): Sports Day

There were many competitors of table tennis joined by all the international students and friendly mini football or futsal match between international students and local students of Indonesia University of Education.Image

All International Students of UPI at Gymnasium Hall


I am during the final match


The winners of the Table Tennis Competition with organizers


Friendly futsal match between International students and local students. (I am with the ball)

Day 3 (3 Dec. 2011) Outbound

All UPI international students with staffs from UPI International Education and Relations Office, in the early morning, got on the bus heading to Outbound Area in Lembang where is a cool mountainous town North of Bandung City. It is popular with local tourists for its refreshing clima, its hiking forests and its delicious fresh food.


On the way to Lembang….


My team is ready for some activities…


Jakhongir Shaturaev – I am for the front page of UPI Newspaper 


Outstanding Indonesian National Games


Finally we get the our destination after a long rough road on off road Jeeps

These were awesome days in every single International student, these are unforgettable events in my whole life. I would like to to express my deep feelings and thanks a lot to Rector of UPI  Dr Senaryo and the stuff of International Office of UPI.


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