8 shocking facts about Steve Jobs Biography


Biography of Steve Jobs, who began to be marketed in several countries reveal surprising facts. This book is based on interviews Walter Isaacson, the author, with jobs and people in the neighborhood.

Steve Jobs Biography preliminary evaluation indicates that this book is very interesting. Jobs biography said to a rich portrait of a person with the best minds of his time. Here are some surprising facts about Steve Jobs in the biography.

1. Where does the name come from Apple?
Executek, Matrix, for Personal Computers, Inc. is the names that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak had considered technology companies they founded. Jobs express the name Apple after returning from an apple farm and eventually became the name. “The name sounds fun, lively and not intimidating,” said Jobs.

2. Bill Clinton called Monica Lewinski scandal advice Jobs
Scandalous affair with Monica Lewinski Bill Clinton had terrible United States in the decade of the 1990s. Clinton’s apparent confusion Jobs had asked for advice. “I do not know you had an affair, but if true, use the (civil) telling of this country,” advises Jobs in Clinton that the U.S. president at that time.

3. Why Jobs is almost always dressed in a black sweater?
Jobs similar look with a black sweater. It began when Jobs visited the Sony factory in Japan and meet people there in uniform. He loved it and thought that Apple employees were in uniform. Although it is not reached, Jobs decided to create unique outfit for yourself. He always showed a black sweater, designed by Japanese designer Issey Miyake’s name bore.

4. Job disillusioned with Barack Obama
Jobs is a supporter of President Barack Obama. But he was disappointed with some of Obama’s policies and when the two met, Jobs expects Obama will only be served during the first period alone. Jobs, the government should be more friendly to business and education reform.

5. Jobs initially refusing cancer surgery
Jobs at first refused a cancer operation that could potentially save his life. Jobs apparently did not like her diutak tweaking. “He was not willing to ‘open’ body,” said Job’s wife, Laurene Powell.

6. Jobs had rejected the idea of ??an application for Apple devices
Application services, including the main Apple’s success factors. But who would have thought initially Jobs does not like the idea of ??third party, the application for Apple devices due to various reasons, such as the ability to virus attacks. But in the end, Jobs was convinced to apply to the Apple device as possible.

7. Job felt depressed during the launch of the first generation iPhone
Critics have jumped at the launch of the Apple iPhone but successful gadget is hard. These devices lack features considered. “I tend to get depressed today,” Jobs said in Isaacson, night after Jobs introduced the iPhone.

8. Jobs wrath on Google
“I will spend my last breath if necessary and I would all the money of USD Apple 40 billion to spend in the bank to correct this error. I will destroy the Android because it is a stolen product,” says Jobs on Android. He has not agreed to steal ideas from Google’s Android on iPhone.


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