Valley of Love – Ireland


Somehow, hidden from world knowledge by a greater coalition of world religions for century upon century …the “Valley of Love” was built by a mystery race that inhabited what is now a remote part of Ireland. Resting at the top of the valley and 3000 years older than the pyramids, the only fully intact and amazingly well preserved structure for it’s age , is the awe-inspiring “Memorial to Joy ” At almost a mile long and over half a mile high, the fantastic sculpture that also has a dynamic interior with functionality, simply flabbergasts. When Professor Fangfingers , the famous religious malarkey exposer and adventurer was asked about his initial impression upon reaching the site for the first time with his research team….?

“…all I can say is that it obviously took one hell of a cunning stunt to motivate someone to build this in the first place. ”

This ancient valley is one of the lost wonders of the earth. Valley of love is a mile wide and high. Many controversies revolves revolve around it. It is believed that the valley remained hidden from the eyes of world for many centuries and was built by a mysterious race that now lives in a remote area of Ireland. This valley is more than 3000 years older than the pyramids of Egypt. The only intact structure in this valley referred as ‘Memorial of joy’ is awe inspiring. This fantastic stone structure has an equally flabbergasting interior which is fully functional to this day.


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