The Lost Secret of Reality Hackers

One Person Who Reads This, Follows the Short Steps, and Uses this One,

 Powerful Technique… will Unlock the Secret of the Ages, Holding the World at their Fingertips.

Discover the Key to Possessing Huge Amounts of Raw, Unbridled Energy. Channel this Untapped Source to Gain the Ultimate Access: the Ability to Program Reality, Hack and Amplify Your Life for Anything You Desire.

Time is short, I’ll get to the point: this is a guide on how to hack reality.


One person who reads this will achieve the bold, crazy claim at the top of the page. I know it seems over the top. Honestly, I’m downplaying it. I have been on this journey all my life. In that short time I have seen things I seldom whisper to another living soul… unless I know they too have seen beyond this play-curtain we call reality…

My book, Bending God: A Memoir, is really just testing the water. To see if people are really ready to look behind the veil, to grasp their hidden potential, and be exposed to the fact there are people walking around, right now, that have ‘powers’ they do not… and they are using them every, single day… The universe, reality, is molded by magnetism. We have an organic body, and an electric one. This electric, energy body, is capable of tapping the electromagnetic nature of reality.

With the right knowledge, following a simple technique you will learn below… it is possible to use that ability to tap into the source code behind matter, behind the very reality you are staring at right now… ..and get access unimaginable to most people. That means change it. Control it.



Is the day you first hack into reality – and change it. Ask yourself a question: what the hell are spiritual people thinking? The Law of Attraction, Manifestation, The Secret, Remote Viewing, Astral Projection, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Reiki, Meditation, Dimensional Shifting… … seriously, why does anyone believe in these things?? Those are all round-about attempts to get results that aren’t supposed to be possible. Yet, many, many people believe in this stuff. Because they know, as do I, it is possible. We CAN do it. YOU can do it! If you know the secret to hacking reality, you can go straight to the source! All of those are methods to try and “get around” the control mechanism built into reality. Come on, you didn’t think it was so simple did you?? Every computer system has security. Do you think you can just hack into reality and change everything because you want to? Then everybody would do it and there would be nothing but chaos!!

There is a system designed to control you. That is why I said at the beginning, many will read this, many will learn the technique, only ONE will ACHIEVE IT. It isn’t because nobody else has the potential. Everybody does. But only the few will exercise the will, and seek to push past the control and get the source code. Buddha, Krishna, Jesus – extreme reality hackers. Yes, I believe the miracles talked about are more than just stories. Everything I have seen and done myself tells me it is so. Now is your time…


Gaining Access and Control to the Ultimate, Primal Source in the Universe

  • This is not an imaginary world where you live out imaginary lives. This is real and its an extraordinary experience that will change your life forever.
  • By learning to mentally apply our technique, your brain releases precise amounts of DMT that are naturally stored in your brain. This allows you to enter into higher states of consciousness under complete control.
  • You will learn to enter a dimension that overlaps this one. Unlike programs or techniques that require you to lay down, relax, and imagine other realities, you will be fully awake and physically exploring your environment.
  • Let us be perfectly clear. At no time are you required to imagine that you are somewhere else.


The Secret Guide that Sparked a World-Wide Underground Movement. This secret technique has led to an explosive underground of reality hackers. People who have experienced the impossible, put the power of transformation in their hands, and live a life they can rarely talk about – much less believe. It’s been building for nine years, and was developed twenty years before that.

It’s been so small, hush-hush and under-the-radar it’s ridiculous. But in that time the process has been refined. Gotten better, more advanced, easier to use, your ability to plug-in and grow has accelerated. What took me a year to get to I see people do in a month.

You will learn:

  • A Step-by Step, Guided Walk-through of this profound Technique, so you can Feel Confident Knowing that your Training will bring the Best Possible Results.
  • How to Open, Activate, Stimulate, Balance and Harmonize your Chakras
  • The answer to the fundamental questions of existence, separate from dogma, in the reconciliation between Science and Spirituality
  • How to Improve the flow of your energy, release your emotional blocks and re-balance your energy body.
  • To Develop your “bubble of personal energy” (especially useful during periods of strong vibrational changes such as now)
  • To cultivate feelings of deep inner peace and serenity
  • To Sense, Feel And Affect Spiritual/Psychic/Metaphysical Energy (This Energy Controls, Manipulates And Directs You Every Day Of Your Life And 99.9% Of People Have No Idea They Are Being Affected By It)
  • Become Completely Aware And In Control Of Your Thoughts
  • How-To Develop your sixth sense and inner powers
  • Multiply the synchronicities in your life (chance meetings, opportunities, luck, …)
  • Unfold deep inner experiences
  • Find the source of that feeling that is calling you
  • How to connect and communicate with your Higher Self
  • Supercharge Your Creativity And Intuition

4 responses to “The Lost Secret of Reality Hackers

  1. Ummm… I’m listening!!! 😀 My ears, eyes, soul, mind, heart, and other stuff are completely open and interested… 🙂 What an awesome blog you have! I cannot wait to read more. Sigh… I just got finished with an astral projection attempt, and as I’ve yet to have an obe without sleep being a factor in boosting me out, I came to wp to search for something I may have not read before about achieving AP at will. Thankfully, I happened upon this blog! Reality hacker, huh? I’m on board…


  2. I’m impressed by the grade of information on this excellent website. There are a lot of proper resources here. I am sure I am going to visit this area again quickly.


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